Hymn of the Sands
Hymn of the Sands



Working As Intended Studios (2 producers, 5 level designers, 4 artists, 3 programmers)


Hymn of the Sands is an isometric action game / dungeon crawler with light RPG and puzzle elements. You are the Egyptian god Osiris, risen from the dead, on a quest to regain immortality. Shift between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead to defeat your enemies and solve puzzles. Battle your way through dark tombs and perilous crypts to regain your lost powers and upgrade your abilities. Developed by graduate students at The Guildhall at SMU


Hymn of the Sands is heavily inspired by third-person dungeon crawler games and the Diablo series. You control Osiris, a powerful pharaoh on his quest for immortality, who as a ghost possesses the ability to shift between the realms of the living and the dead. Osiris has a host of useful spells and abilities he can use against his foes, but each ability can only be used in one realm (either living or dead).

Osiris must brave his dark tomb, now filled with perilous monsters and reanimated corpses, using his powers to overcome his enemies, dodge dangerous traps, and solve puzzles. He must also defeat Ammit, the Devourer of Souls, and several other minibosses in order to complete his quest.


Gameplay and Scaleform UI programmer

As the user interface programmer for our team, I designed and coded the HUD system for our game, with icons for each ability at the bottom of the screen. I also was responsible for designing and coding the main menu screen and all dialogs in the game, including the interface for upgrading abilities and the ability tooltips. I coded in both UnrealScript and ActionScript 3, using Flash CS6 to integrate the two.

For an example of some of my UI code, see the article on our Tooltip Replacer System.